Tuition Free Schools in Sweden

Schools that offer studies to students based on tuition-free or tuition-waivers have been around for a long time in Europe. For students who are expected to pay tuition fees in Sweden, especially international foreign students; scholarships and/or tuition waivers are available directly from universities.

The application period for most university scholarships usually coincide with the program application deadline dates on Sweden's official study portal:; however some universities may choose to have a later deadline.

To be on the safer side, be sure to check program and scholarship details well in advance with the university of your choice. Study & Scholarships has compiled a list of schools in Sweden with a view to making your search easier. Good luck!

List of Tuition Free Schools in Sweden:

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  1. Blekinge Institute of Technology
  2. Borås University College
  3. Chalmers University of Technology
  4. Dalarna University
  5. Gotland University
  6. Gävle University
  7. Göteborg University
  8. Halmstad University
  9. Jönköping International Business School
  10. Jönköping University
  11. Kalmar University
  12. Karlstad University
  13. Karolinska Institutet
  14. Konstfack
  15. Kristianstad University
  16. KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology
  17. Linköping University
  18. Luleå University of Technology
  19. Lund University
  20. Malmö University
  21. Mid Sweden University
  22. Mälardalen University
  23. Skövde University
  24. SLU - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  25. Stockholm School of Economics
  26. Stockholm University
  27. Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH)
  28. Södertörns University College
  29. Umeå University
  30. University West
  31. Uppsala University
  32. Växjö University
  33. Örebro University

Important pages on Swedish schools websites:
  1. Blekinge Institute of Technology
  2. Chalmers
  3. Dalarna University
  4. Gotland University (Wind Power Project Management)
  5. Halmstad University
  6. Jönköping International Business School
  7. Jönköping University
  8. Karlstad University
  9. Karolinska Institutet
  10. Kristianstad University
  11. KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  12. Linköping University
  13. Linnaeus University
  14. Luleå University of Technology
  15. Lund University
  16. Malmö University
  17. Mid Sweden University
  18. Mälardalen University
  19. SLU
  20. Stockholm School of Economics
  21. Stockholm University
  22. Södertörn University
  23. Umeå University
  24. University of Borås
  25. University of Gothenburg
  26. University of Gävle
  27. University of Skövde
  28. University West
  29. Uppsala University
  30. Örebro University
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DISCLAIMER: The above list was correct as at the time of publishing (February, 2009). Study & Scholarships is NOT responsible for any incompleteness as governments and schools may change current policies on tuition-free education. Note that schools may also change or edit their online addresses resulting in broken links. It is wise to write the admissions office of schools to ascertain most current policies.


  1. Hi Iam Ernest Kabutey from Ghana in West Africa. I want a free tuition school in sweden which offers business course like Masters in Marketing, Human Resource Management etc Contact:

  2. Lund University: I want the address of Lund University and the contacts of their admission office. I will aso like to know if they have these programms: Masters in Marketing & Human Resource Management. This is my address:

  3. Stockholm University: I am Ernest Kabutey from Ghana- West Africa. I will be happy if you could give the address of Stockholm University and the particulars of the admission office. Again i will like to know if your school offer Master Degree in Marketing & Human Resource Mnanagement: Contact

  4. Ernest,
    Please read the 'TIP' above (just before the footnote)

  5. Stockholm University: I am Ibidapo Afolabi Titus from Nigeria-West Africa. I will be happy if you could give the address of Stockholm University and the particulars of the admission office. Again i will like to know if your school offer Degree in Marketing & Human Resource Mnanagement, or Business Administration. Contact
    Would like to hear from you soon.. Thanks.

  6. Annonymous,
    Use the "Study and Scholarships Search" box above and below on this page to get current addresses, as addresses may get changed.
    It is wiser to write the admissions office (after searching for their current address) to ascertain if they offer a degree in Marketing & Human Resource Management, or Business Administration.

  7. Iam Agyeman Sedem from ghana and want free tuition from any university in Sweden and i will please if you can suggest any university and their their address to me. Thank you

  8. Agyeman, i dont know the grounds on which you want to choose a school, but all Swedish universities are ranked as high quality.
    H/v, factors you may want to consider are the school's locality, size, number of foreign students, variety programs offered, available recreational opportunities, etc.
    It is much easier to get these info and more by using the Study & Scholarships search box on the top right of this page.
    But since this appears to be a recurring request, i will soon be updating this post.

  9. UPDATED (Oct 2011): 1) see the links provided at the beginning of this article to read most recent updates on Sweden's 'Tuition Free' policy for international students or click here; 2) links to official website addresses of all the schools in the list above added