Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway Quota Scholarship Scheme for International Students

The Quota Scholarship Scheme (at NTNU)

Course(s) Offered: Any field
Course level: Postgraduate (masters)
Provider: Norwegian government
Country to Study in: Norway

Scholarship Description
The Norwegian Quota Scheme is a funding Scheme offered by the Norwegian Government to students from developing countries in the South (including Africa) and countries in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and in Central Asia.

In addition to other eligible schools across Norway, it is also offered at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

The goal of the Quota Scheme is to give students from developing countries relevant education that will also benefit their home countries when they return after graduation.

The Quota Scheme is Norway's (and NTNU's) largest loan and scholarship scheme.

You may be eligible for financial support under the Quota Scheme if you are permanently or temporary employed or if you are a student with a first degree or are presently studying at one of the institutions where NTNU has a formal cooperation agreement. Preference is given to applicants who are linked to active and formalized cooperation/projects within the specific subject area.

To be eligible, you must also have stayed at least one year in your home country directly prior to when you plan to undertake your education to NTNU. This means that you cannot apply for financial support from another country than your own.

Applicants, who live in another country than their country of citizenship, either temporarily or permanently, cannot apply.

Only applicants from institutions with which NTNU has a formal cooperation agreement are eligible to apply.

See more on Financing and admisson requirements and List of NTNU's formal cooperation agreements.

Eligible groups (Target population)
Citizens of certain developing countries and countries in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and in Central Asia

Fields of study (Courses offered)
One general requirement for admission to NTNU’s international master’s programmes, is that the applicants must have completed a minimum of 3 years of recognised university studies.

Admission to NTNU’s international master’s programmes is highly competitive, and the university gives admissions priority to applicants who have completed their first degree in a relevant academic area, and who have obtained an average grade of First Class Division or Second Class Division.

The programmes can be divided into two broad categories:
  1. the MSc Programmes in Engineering/ Architecture/ Natural Sciences and Medicine, and 
  2. the MPhil/ MSc Programmes in Arts/ Social Sciences
Number of awards - Available placement (seats)
NTNU has been granted 168 seats (157 for developing countries, and 11 for Central and Eastern Europe/ Central Asia) for the academic years 2008-2011.

However, there are only about 65-70 new seats each year under the Quota Scheme at NTNU.

The rest of NTNU's Quota Scheme seats are used for students who are already admitted, and who need renewal of Quota Scheme support to complete their studies.

Scholarship benefits (What does it cover?)
The Quota Scheme covers living expenses while studying in Norway, travel allowances according to fixed national rates at minimum student price, support to cover fieldwork periods in the students' home country as part of the study programme in Norway.

Method of Application
Admissions procedures vary depending upon your educational background:
  • The deadline for submission of the preliminary application is December 1, for applicants with an educational background from outside the Nordic countries. See Admission procedures
  • For applicants with a Norwegian / Nordic degree, please refer to these alternative admission procedures.
You may download the Preliminary application form - Quota Scheme.

To apply, it is important to visit the official website (link to it is below) for complete information on how to apply to this scholarship.

Usually 1st December of every year for International students; AND April 15 or May 15 (depending on the program) for students with Nordic or Norwegian degrees

The few Quota seats available, compared to the high number of applicants competing, make this source of funding extremely competitive. Due to few Quota Seats available, not all MSc/MPhil programmes will be allocated with Quota Seats, the decision will be made internally at NTNU in November.

Students should still apply for the programme they are interested in and qualified for, but unfortunately, NTNU can not guarantee that all programmes will be allocated Quota Seats.

Application Deadline: 1 December / 15 April or 15 May 2012
Open to international Students: Yes

More Scholarship Information and Application

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