List of Norwegian Government Scholarship Programs for Developing Countries at UiO

Norwegian Government Scholarships for students from Developing Countries at Uio

Study Subjects: All fields
Level of Study: Postgraduate (master, PhD)
Scholarship Provider: Govt of Norway
Scholarships can be taken at:University of Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian government offers scholarship programs for international students (from developing countries) under the Quota Scheme.
Scholarships are also available under programs such as Erasmus, Nordplus, NOMA and the EEA Financial Mechanisms program. These scholarships are only available for postgraduate study at the master and PhD levels, and are very competitive. There are no scholarships available for bachelor degree students.
  1. The Quota Scheme for International students
    The Norwegian Quota Scheme is a funding scheme offered by the Norwegian Government to students from developing countries, Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia for studies at institutions of higher education in Norway.
    Please note that these scholarships are very competitive and only available for postgraduate students on the master and PhD more.

  2. Students on Exchange programmes and bilateral agreements
    Grants and scholarships are also available through short-term mobility programmes, such as the Erasmus programme or Nordplus/Nordlys programme. Usually, these grants are awarded automatically to students admitted to the more.

  3. EEA Financial Mechanisms programme
    Norway is fully integrated in education- and research cooperation with the EU through the EEA-agreement, various bilateral agreements and national action plans. She has come a long way to comply with the actions set forth in the Bologna-declaration. Institutions and other organizations in Norway value opportunities to cooperate with partners in EU countries.
    The Norwegian Center for International Co-operation in Higher Education (SIU) is the Norwegian focal point for the scholarship- and training funds established through the EEA Grants. The EEA programme offers study abroad scholarships for students from selected countries in Eastern and Southern more.

  4. The Macedonia-Norway Scholarship Programme
    Master students from certain faculties and departments at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje are eligible to apply for a one or two semester scholarship to the University of more.

  5. NORAD’s Programme for Master Studies (NOMA)
    Norad’s Programme for Master Studies (NOMA) is a programme for educational cooperation based on equal partnerships between higher education institutions in Norway and in the South. The programme was established in 2006, and the current period runs until 2014. This is a scholarship programme offered to students from certain developing countries and limited to selected programmes. NOMA replaces the former Norad Fellowship programme (NFP) more.
Other scholarships
If you are not qualified for any of these scholarships, you may be eligible for other scholarships offered by public or private institutions in your home country.
Unfortunately, the University of Oslo may not help you with information about this. Also see scholarships (

For additional information and correspondence:
  1. Programmes overview page of the Norwegian Center for International Co-operation in Higher Education, and
  2. Scholarship programs page of the University of Oslo.

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