International Study and Jobs for the International Graduate

International Study

Academic programs and courses, both undergraduate and postgraduate, at top quality schools across the world, offer qualifications of the highest standard.

With a vast range of taught courses and research programs on offer, students aspiring for international undergraduate and/or postgraduate degrees may need help finding the right course and school(s) at whatever level they desire to study, anywhere in the world.

Truly, finding the right course and school(s) may only be a tip of the iceberg because students soon discover they need financial aid, which may come in several forms - loans, grants, tuition-free schooling or full scholarship awards.

To ensure you receive notification of relevant financial aid and recruitment of international students into programs in different schools worldwide, register your details with us.

STUDYING OVERSEAS - Where would you want to study?
  1. North America: Many international students, undergraduates and postgraduates alike, would first consider studying in the United States or Canada before any other region of the world. This may not be unconnected with the perceived better economies of these countries. Even with the global financial crisis, several students would believe that the 'Land Of The Free' would soon sort itself out.
  2. Europe: Due to the Bologna Process, it is now easier for international students to study postgraduate courses in Europe
  3. Australia: Australia welcomes international students from all over the world to a wealth of variety of programs - undergraduate and postgraduate
  4. UK: There are thousands of programs in the UK for international students - search the official department for education database of schools. Also see British Council for Education.

International Jobs

International graduates, after thorough and rigorous training and study, desire good jobs, but with the global financial meltdown and world economies grappling to become steady, this has become much harder than ever to achieve.

Getting advice on how to prepare a good resume and thus selling oneself better, has never been more important than at this time with employers everywhere trying to cut down on number of employees.

Your resume must be concise, with key skills appearing first in a tabular, neat and simple format.


The International Graduate

So you’ve graduated? Now what? You have got your first job, what is your next big move? Managing your money - loans, mortgages, cash ISA, graduate account?

Back in the 1970s your parents would be saying it was about time you got married, bought a house with your partner and then settled down into married life and had kids. Not so today.

Now is one of the hardest period of years to be graduating. The recession and other factors have led to increased unemployment rates, which in the last few years have stood at between 0.5% (Qatar) to 78% (Liberia), so there are even more people competing for every available position.

So getting personally satisfying, top quality jobs very much depend on selling yourself very well, which may very well entail obtaining top quality certificates from top quality schools spread across the world. This has never been more important than today.

Scholarships are an essential part of this because, although most schools' fees are exorbitantly high for the average student, it makes them accessible even to the most impoverished international student.

You may want to use the 'Study & Scholarships Search' box at the top of this site to search for interesting keywords on: where to study (e.g. universities in south Africa, Malaysian schools, etc), course of study (e.g. engineering courses, medical programs, humanities, etc), or programs by country (eg medicine in USA, linguistics in Canada, etc).

Alternatively you may contact various schools using contact details on this or similar sites on the internet.

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