South–South Research Scholarships for visiting Postdoctoral Researchers from Developing Countries

Research Scholarships for Researchers from Developing Countrie

Study Subject(s): Food Security related fields
Course Level: Graduate, Postgraduate (postdoctoral, research)
Scholarship Provider: DAAD, with funds of BMZ (via FSC)
Scholarships can be taken at: Any Developing Country

Scholarship Description
The Food Security Center (FSC) is a university center of excellence in development collaboration at the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany. FSC is one of five excellence centers of the program “exceed – Higher Education Excellence in Development Cooperation”, which is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) of Germany.

FSC’s mission is to make effective and innovative scientific contributions in research, teaching, and policy advice to eradicate hunger and achieve food security in collaboration with partner research and education organizations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and national and international development and research organizations. Thematically, FSC’s activities deal with issues of sustainable food availability, food access, food use, and food utilization.

Required skills:
The applicant must provide proof of:
  • outstanding study performance in agricultural, nutritional, natural, social, economic or political sciences, or related disciplines with specification on food security related issues with a minimum MSc grade of 2.5;
  • PhD degree in agricultural, nutritional, natural, social, economic or political sciences, or related disciplines with specification on food security related issues;
  • last academic degree completed no more than 6 years prior to start of scholarship
  • track record of knowledge in the proposed field of study;
  • plan to return to his/her home country / country of residence and institute;
  • excellent proficiency in oral and written English.
Furthermore, the applicant must:
  • be able to conduct innovative research;
  • have excellent interpersonal skills and team spirit;
  • be able and willing to work well in an interdisciplinary, multicultural environment with individu-als from different scientific, societal and cultural backgrounds and with organizations from the public, private and civil society sector;
  • be available for the entire period of the research stay of 4 months in 2013;
  • be a national of a developing country according to OECD DAC list.
Eligible groups
Any graduate or postgraduate research student from a developing country including Africa, Asia, and Latin America

Participating Institutions
Any national or international research institute in a developing country.

NOTE: The Hohenheim University Food Security Center Partner institutions include:
  • Sokoine University of Agriculture and Technology, Tanzania
  • Universidad de Costa Rica
  • Katsetart University, Bangkok, Thailand
Fields of study
Outstanding study performance in agricultural, nutritional, natural, social, economic or political sciences, or related disciplines with specification on food security related issues is required.

The objective of the collaborations is to write at least one joint, peer-reviewed publication. Candidates should present their research work at the partners’ seminars, lecture series and/or workshops. They are also expected to engage in teaching and training activities related to the research topic in the partner institute at the graduate and/or postgraduate level at a limited scale. Interregional South-South collaborations (e.g., from Africa to Latin America, or from Latin America to Asia) are encouraged in particular.

Furthermore, FSC aims at establishing an active, long-lasting collaboration with the supported re-searchers and their home institutes through an interactive alumni-network.

Number of awards / Sponsorship duration
FSC seeks up to three visiting postdoctoral researchers from developing countries for a period of four months in 2013

Scholarship benefits
The scholarship is awarded for a stay at a partner institute, research center, or development organization located in a developing country. The monthly grant is EUR 500 for junior postdoctoral researchers and EUR 700 for senior postdoctoral researchers. Travel costs to/from the positions’ location will be covered. Health insurance and other costs must be paid for from the stipend.

The Center wishes to attract young innovative professionals. The scholarship aims at increasing their previously gained scientific knowledge and skills relevant to food security related issues. The successful candidate will collaborate with the research staff of one of FSC’s partner uni-versities or an other research center or development organization located in a developing country (e.g., one of the centers of the CGIAR) to conduct a specific research project contributing to the mis-sion of FSC.

Funding for research is expected to be provided by the applicant’s and/or supervisor’s institute and/or other organizations.

Method of Application
Application is only possible by completing FSC’s application form, which can be down-loaded from here.
Besides the application form, the documents indicated in the application form are required for the application.

Applications will only be accepted, if the research proposal is based on FSC’s conceptual framework. The next application period will start in July/August 2012. The deadline for the application is September 30, 2012.

FSC will confirm the receipt of all (complete) applications (i.e., if an application is not complete or not in the described format, FSC will not consider it and will not confirm receipt of the application).

The selection of the candidates will be in the beginning of December 2012, the scholarship program will start anytime in 2013, based on the agreement between supervisor of the hosting institute and the scholar.

All accepted applications will be selected according to the following criteria:
  1. Fulfillment of announcement criteria (cf. “required skills” and “application”);
  2. Quality of proposal and project feasibility;
  3. Fulfillment of demands (e.g. of hosting institutes or emerging from collaborations with (development) organizations).
The selected applicants will be contacted no later than December 19, 2012. Please be aware that FSC will contact only successful candidates.

In case of questions (after reading the general and the detailed announcement!) please contact Mrs Elke Breitmayer; e-mail:

Application Deadline: September 30, 2012 every year
Open to International Students: Yes

Resource: 2012 South–South Research Scholarship Announcement(pdf)

More Scholarship Information and Application

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