December 14, 2010

The Africa-Australia Small Grants Scheme (AACGS) 2010-2011, Africa

The Australian Embassy is pleased to announce that applications for the Australia-Africa Community Grants Scheme (AACGS) for 2010-2011 are now open.

Study Subject:
The sectoral focus of the Scheme includes (but is not restricted to):

(i) Community health initiatives, including HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation;
(ii) Education and training;
(iii) Economic and social initiatives;
(iv) Environmental awareness and natural resource conservation;
(v) Agriculture and food security;
(vi) Promotion of women’s rights and equal access to goods and services; and
(vii) Promotion of skills development and employment for youth

Preference will be given to sectors that contribute most directly to the achievement of MDGs in Africa. The 8 MDGs are:

(i) Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
(ii) Achieve universal primary education
(iii) Promote gender equality and empower women
(iv) Reduce child mortality
(v) Improve maternal health
(vi) Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases
(vii) Ensure environmental sustainability
(viii) Develop a global partnership for development.

Employer: The Australian Embassy

Scholarship Description:
The AACGS (formerly the African Regional Small Activities Scheme or ARSAS) will support community-based activities being implemented by non-government organisations that promote sustainable economic and social development.

Funding can range from AUD30,000 to AUD75,000. In rare cases involving exceptional project applications, we will consider larger amounts.

Funding under the AACGS is available for all African countries, however the Australian Embassy in Cairo will accept applications from Egypt, Sudan (including Southern Sudan), Tunisia, Libya and Eritrea. For other African countries, please find the Australian diplomatic mission responsible in the guidelines below.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 January 2011

More Scholarship Information and Application

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