November 20, 2010

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship – Techno-Economics of Energy Efficiency and Bio-Energy Production in South Africa 2011, South Africa

Fellowship at the department of process Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Study Subject: Chemical Engineering
Employer: University of Cape Town
Level: Postdoctoral

Fellowship Description:
An opportunity for a postdoctoral researcher focused on the techno-economics of energy efficiency and bio-energy production in Africa is currently available.
Candidates with experience in process modeling, optimization of energy efficiency through heat integration and/or pinch analysis, together with techno-economics of industrial processes are particularly encouraged to apply.

The position will focus on bio-energy production in conjunction with improved process energy efficiency to reduce the carbon footprint of industrial and energy sectors in South Africa. The fellowship is available for a minimum period of one year, starting 1 January 2010. A minimum scholarship of ZAR180 000 per annum has been granted for the position and, provided that the necessary procedures are put in place, this amount will be free of income tax.

This research group within which the candidate will work is currently collaborating with public and private funders on the development of more energy efficient industrial processes and the production of various types of bio-energy. Implementation of such improvements require a thorough understanding of the economics of various technical process improvements, so as to determine the level of energy efficiency and bio-energy substitution that can be justified through investment analysis. The research work will combine technical and economic aspects of energy efficiency and bio-energy production.

Fellowship Application Deadline: 12 December 2010

Further Fellowship information and Application - pdf

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