Roskilde University Danish Government Tuition Free Studies for International Undergraduate Students

Tuition-Free Study

Course(s) Offered: Available disciplines
Course Level: Undergraduate (bachelors)
Provider: Roskilde University
Country to Study in: Denmark

Scholarship Description
Roskilde University welcomes over 300 new international students each year, creating an exciting and international atmosphere for students and staff. Roskilde University gives priority to applicants who have shown an excellent academic performance.

Ordinarily students who are EU/EEA-citizens are exempt from paying university application and tuition fees at Danish universities; while other students holding a non-EU/EEA country citizenship are required to pay both fees. However, Danish law allows certain types of residence permits which exempt non-EU/EEA citizens from paying both fees (i.e. neither the application fee nor the tuition fee).

If you are a highly talented student from any country outside of the EU/EEA, then Roskilde University welcomes you to apply for its courses under the eligible residence permits for a tuition-free study in the university. See How to Apply for Danish Residence Permit.

Roskilde University Tuition-Free Study

1). Exemptions for non-EU/EEA citizens from paying the application fee:
  • If you hold Danish entry examination, i.e. STX, HHX, HTX, HF, GIF, Exam from 'Duborg-skolen', Faroese upper secondary school leaving examination, Greenland upper secondary education (GU examination), you are not required to pay the application fee.
NB: If you also hold an entry qualification completed outside of Denmark, you are not exempted from paying the tuition fee.

2). Exemptions for non-EU/EEA citizens from paying the application fee and/or tuition fee:
If you are granted one of the following types of residence permit to Denmark, you are not required to pay any of either the application fee or the tuition fee:
  • A permanent residence permit in Denmark ('Permanent opholdstilladelse')
  • A temporary residence permit with the possibility of a permanent residence in Denmark ("Opholdstilladelse med mulighed for varigt ophold"). Your residence card must state: 'mhp. varigt ophold' or 'mmf varigt ophold'.
  • A residence permit in Denmark according to the EU/EEA regulations (Opholdstilladelse jf. EF/EØS bekendtgørelsen)
  • Children of workers from non-EU/EEA countries having been granted a residence permit pursuant to Section 9M (previously 9C) of the Danish Aliens Act and whose parents have been granted residence permits pursuant to Section 9A of the Danish Aliens Act.
If your residence status in Denmark changes
  • Students who obtain a type of residence permits to Denmark that exempts them from paying tuition fees during a semester will not receive of a refund of the tuition fees paid that semester. However, the student will be exempt from paying tuition fees the following semesters.
  • If a student is exempt from paying tuition fee based on their residence permit to Denmark, but loses it during a semester, he/she must pay tuition fees from the following semester.
Also, if you are granted leave from the start of a semester, you are not required to pay tuition fees during the semester(s) you are granted leave. The payment of tuition fees is resumed the first semester following the end of the period of leave.

Eligible groups
Citizens of ALL countries (EXCEPT those in EU/EEA)

Participating Institutions
Roskilde University, Eastern Roskilde, Denmark

Fields of study
All Bachelors level courses at the University i.e. humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. A bachelor programme begins with a one year basic section of interdisciplinary studies. The last two years you will specialise in one or two bachelor subjects. See full details

Number of awards
All students meeting eligibility are awarded

Sponsorship duration
The tuition free waiver covers the entire period of undergraduate studies, UNLESS and EXCEPT your residence permit status changes

Scholarship benefits
Exemption from paying both university application fees (value of 165 EUR per applicant) and course tuition fees (total value of 26,100 Euro for humanities/social sciences or 54,000 Euro for natural sciences)

Method of Application
All admission requirements must be fulfilled in order to be considered for a course. If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen, you must pay an application fee and tuition fees, unless and except you FULLY meet the eligibility criteria above. Students with international entry qualification are considered in three different quotas. You do not state the quota in your application for admission. The Admissions Office will decide on the relevant quota based on your type of entry qualification, the uploaded documentation and your citizenship.

You apply via the digital application system at, which is available in early February each year. It is a joint application system where you can apply for admission to Roskilde University and to the other higher education institutions in Denmark. You should therefore consult the guidelines at for a detailed description of the application procedure.

It is important to read the how to apply to bachelors program page and also to visit the official website (link to it is below) for complete information on how to apply for this award.

You can apply for admission to the bachelor programmes once a year for the September entry. The application deadline depends on your educational background. It is March 15 for students with no entry qualification or international entry qualification. And either March 15 or July 5 for students with Danish upper secondary education qualification. Please note that all deadlines are at 12 noon CET on the given day

Roskilde University (Danish: Roskilde Universitet, RUC) is a Danish public university founded in 1972 and located in Trekroner in the Eastern part of Roskilde. The university awards bachelor, master's degrees and Ph.D. degrees in a wide variety of subjects.

Application Deadline: 11 March / 5 July 2017
Open to International Applicants: Yes

More Scholarship Information and Application

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